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Girl Lost in loveThe stories of love are as immortal and eternal as the word love itself...
The story of a true follower of this ever progressing carnival that engulfs lives of millions and touches hearts of one and all.

The story of a Girl that lost some and gained some...

Lost _____
Her identity, 
Her wishes, and
Her life...

Gained a status, immortality, and respect of being a lover.....True lover........


Death Not Yet

When you were,
You were more than life to me..
When you were,
I felt life in me..

Time conned us in and didn’t let us escape,
I kept losing my path in its enigmatic maze..
And the moment I felt I met my destiny,
Time compulsed us to part our ways..

Today you don’t even remember me,
You never spare a minute to call me..
Why feelings succumb to distance?
Why love submits to divergence??

No fairy tale had such a gruesome chapter,
That every dream will turn a disaster..
It pains beyond tolerance,
As tears scream loneliness..

Someone please let you know,
Years ago we swore a shared vow..
Of sipping each others’ tears,
Of facing each other’s fears..

If you don’t respond even on reminder,
If none of my yells gets an answer..
Before giving up your love, I will give up this race of life,
With your name on my lips, I will embrace my demise..

If you’re not really bothered with me,
If this was how it was meant to be..
I shall walk alone these haunted lines,
I shall fade away in the dreary silence..

But how can I consign your name to oblivion,
I’ll inscribe this question on the sky..
If you read, recall me for a while,
It doesn’t matter otherwise..

I’ll pray for you even in my grave,
For you are the one, I crave..
Though I won’t be able to call you mine,
Though I won’t be able to look in your eyes..
I’ll still wait for your voice to echo across my catacomb,
I’ll still wait for your red rose on my garbled mound..

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