Deadlines, Go Die!

1. School
2. Boards
3. Engineering
4. MBA
5. Job
6. Marriage
7. Kids
8. Prefix "Their" and go to 1

How often do we hear!

The school gives you a solid foundation. Make sure you keep your grades high, everyone would buy them for your capability. Hey kid! Your board marksheet will stay with you forever and every company values its marks. Score well and the rest of life would be easy. Great marks in board, hmmm... but they don't really matter. You have to clear entrance exams. You just have to clear this exam with a good rank, graduation would happen on its own. Work hard, you can't have many failures if you wish to sit for placements. Clearing exams isn't enough, you have to be job ready, do some certification courses along with your college. It's your final year, work hard  just for these two semesters. Once you get into a good MNC, you will have no worries at all.

MNC picks you, screws you big time gives paltry paychecks.

Work hard and move to another, another and another. You're 28 now, you have to get married right now. Congratulations for your wedding! Umm hmmm... when are you telling me the khushkhabri ? Now you are a wedded man with two kids, don't be so reckless. Partying every saturday, what example you are going to set for your kids! Understand the responsibility of your wife, your kids and your parents too. 

Where are you?

There is no point of time in life which you can reserve for pleasure and happiness. You have to steal moments every now and then. Bunk your busy routine and go out. Throw away the baggage of demands and expectations everyone has put on your shoulders because their peers and parents did same to them. Irrespective of their bank balances, their life standings are miserable. Buy a thing you want to, click random pictures, write idiotic stuff and send it to a loved one or a stranger. Be mad, be very mad. Life gives ample time for everything. You have to top the coveted list of "your priorities".

work now pleasure later that's how a man turns into a lifelong waiter

Once you begin to follow the beaten track you are bound forever. The risk free is the riskiest. It assures low returns even when you put everything at stake. If you don't find time for things you love today, you won't have tomorrow either. So, I am bunking out of my exam preparations and picking my camera to click pictures and write My Healthy Speak Blog. Because that's what makes me happy, and I guess that's one's everyday aim - to be happy. What are you doing, today

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