She was touched - Poem

Lovers spend nights thinking about what to wear, what to say, where to go to make it a perfect set up for a lovely day with their beloved. But the fact is you don't want her to look at your suit but your eyes. When you talk you don't always want her to listen but to get lost in your voice. You don't necessarily want her to admire the place you go to, but being with you should make that place heavenly for her. She should feel your presence when she's with you. Your presence should linger around in her cryptic imagination when she's without you. One of the most underestimated and least prepared superpower that holds the key is touch. By  touch I mean touch, not grasping, not holding, just touching. Gentle, tender, little ticklish one would do nicely. It's like the lighter your touch is the more exciting it is for her. I don't understand people being softer on their phones than their girls. Even when you hold her hand, your fingers should be gentle, moving slowly and calmly. It keeps her senses awake and attention on you and not on what's coming up and where you are going. Remember a high five would never give her goosebumps a very light handshake might. Replace "he" with "she" and "her" with "him" and this thing holds equally good. 

Guys do get goosebumps and that has nothing to do with their bicep size. In fact, far too easily than girls do. The reason is so very obvious, girls are naturally blessed with a gentle caressing power. Girls don't touch, they caress. So, God gave them a plus one over the male fraternity. They have that natural seductive power. But as I always say, it doesn't matter from where you begin, what matters is your growth and progress. Yes, you can do it.

A gentle touch shows that you care and respect her. As you build the bond, a gentle push to evade the human traffic would show that you're protective. And a hard clutch at times shows you consider yourself rightful of her and are ready to give her the same right over you. When she smiles or rebukes back, it's a sign of acceptance something she'll surely blush about when you're not around. A diamond is a stone, it has got to have all those finely cut facets to sparkle. She wishes to see every facet of you, before she unleashes her soul for you. 

holding hands, after you ring her finger
Hold her hand
Touch her soul

Whatever you say sounds musical,
And the vibe has got to me..
Your rolling eyes seem like,
Earth spinning, life running out of me..
Don't my eyes tell you,
What I want you to be to me..

I wish to steal you away from this world
And take you to my fantasy..

Your palm rests on mine,
And the goosebumps begin to creep..
Our fingers entwine,
Sending a pulse in so deep..
You now know it's something special,
alluring promise we wish to keep..

I hug you now and tell you,
I will always be..

The loneliness within melts,
I can breathe your fragrance in..
Your tightening arms tell me,
How long it has been..
Since you were touched,
deeper than the skin..

My eyes are closing now,
As there's nothing more I wish to see..

Our lips meet, tongues twirl,
In a whirlpool of divinity..
Our bodies now ravaging close,
And we are licking ecstasy..
I am ripping into you,
And growing devilry..

A wave, a shiver, a current,
pulverizes you and me..

It's love,
And we've miles to go..
It's love,
And we don't wish to sleep..

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