Just a spark | Sweet lie or a bitter truth, Poem

Most of us evaluate the book by its cover. We have this disability or should I call it lethargy that we do not read a person page by page, and wonder what might be on the torn ones. Rather we take a short cut, we see the content that is presented to us and not the intent which carries actual value. This is how we buy products, choose dates and hire resources for companies. Presentation! No one truly cares what is inside. And certainly no one is going to take the pain to uncover you layer by layer. So even if you are rotten inside, if your outside is ripe and shiny you will end up in that basket. Yes you will be paid for. I might be perplexing you. The poem might seem highly unrelated to what I just said. So, just enjoy what follows independently.

The love of my little life
Asks me with a smile
Do you love me or not
With all your pretty heart

I'm thinking, I'm calculating
And she doesn't like waiting
Annoyed she walks away
I don't know what to say

Only 10% is the working lot
I love her with all that I have got
The night is long and dark
I am just a spark

The night is long and dark
I am just a spark

You know what. You might be paid for. You might end up in that basket but in order to be consumed, in order to meet your life goal, in order to be accepted you will have to opened up, cut through and torn apart. You will have to be uncovered. You will have to be vulnerable. This realization will happen for sure. When? You decide. It is like a car going downhill. If you do not guide it yourself, you might end up reaching the bottom lot quicker than you might like.

You become vulnerable and you open yourself to be read. But you know what, people are so lazy these days they don't even read open books. So it eventually boils down to it. You either tell them what is right for them or what they wish to hear. Usually, these two do not coincide. The funny thing is people would hate you for telling them what is right for them. So be very sure of what you want, peace of mind or just this pleasant moment. Once you decide it your subconscious backs it big time. Your decisions would become reflexes and you won't need to think ever.

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