How does it feel seeing Himalayan waters at terrifying speed?

I was staring into the brutal gush of river Parvati. The volume of water traveling under my feet was incredible. I had a sense of utter powerlessness. I could just fall and in a second be reduced to nothing. How ridiculously easy! Imagine in one moment, all your grades, bank balance, relationships, passions, dreams would be reduced to an absolute zero. You would cease to exist. People you know would talk about you but they won't be able to hear you, feel your presence or touch you. That was not the dominating thought though. It just felt someone was getting inside my head and pushing out everything that was inside. The noise of the gush was deafening. There was so much in my head about things I have been doing, people I was traveling with, the itinerary for the day, routine life challenges etc. It just crushed everything. At that moment, it was just the gushing water with the deafening sound flowing through my head.

Following is the conversation between the two of us.

Parvati River, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh
Parvati River, Himachal Pradesh

Hey you!

Man with stars on shoulders,
no stick in hand,
who walks like a carnage,
leaves impression on the land

I have heard stories of your valor
from the clouds darkening your way,
equally nasty rumors
from the stones you kicked away

I know you are listening to me,
I have a mesmerizing voice
I just like to say that
I know you don't have a choice

I caress your head
between my two palms
I hear your achievements
I hear your qualms

Billions of sounds wrecking your head,
brimming your eye with some shade of red
Humans didn't, I say this holding your hand
My sober love, I understand

The lush, I brush
The rush, I hush
Every sound, I crush
Surrender to my gush

Come closer my love,
let me touch your feet
I am biting cold,
less than you have seen

No cloth, no cover
can guard you from me
Skin be the boundary
between you and me

Submerge legs, dick, torso,
let me caress every inch
I assure to relieve
the eyes you squint

I am insanely passionate,
wilder than you think
You're between my legs
I gorge you in a blink

We come together,
content to the core
One never ending kiss,
breathe no more!

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