Are women being leveraged? | Sabrimala Temple

There is a thick line between empowering one and leveraging one which the person being leveraged rarely sees.
Sabrimala is a classic case of leveraging women. Long story short, Sabarimala is the temple of deity Ayappa who was celibate and hence, women(aged 10-50) are not allowed to enter the Sabarimala.
- The purpose of going to a temple is seeking blessings from the deity. This deity does not want to see women. Why would a woman go there then?
- Because it is the oppression of women, right?
So now, oppression is defined as not being allowed to enter 1 out of 1092839328 temples in the country. Like really?
- Kerala women show the highest literacy rate in the country, dominate healthcare industry, do both blue collar and white collar jobs, and even run shops which the liberated states of the country only dream of.
- All the three parties are leveraging the situation identifying their target segment and sponsoring their protests. You cannot divide Kerala based on Hindu-Muslim and castes because they are not illiterates and dumb like North Indian states.
- Media and the center leverage it by airing this 24x7 because it helps avoid debates on jobs, petrol, Sensex, and rupee-dollar tussle.
- The feminist brigade is leveraging this in the name of equal rights while asking for separate queues for women. They are going to discuss how Kerala women are oppressed while in their own states and countries women might only be in white collar jobs. Fun fact, it is the case of the deity, "a man" not giving "consent". But by their logic, consent is given to a man, not sought.

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