Indian Lifestyle : Not Indian Anymore

red wineIndia, a country which is known for beautiful natural diversity, rich heritage, and culture. India taught the meaning of civilization to the universe. We live in a country where Ram leaves his throne and accepts 14 year exile to respect the words of his father.
It happens only in India.
But India has come a long way, we've have developed in terms technology, infrastructure, and economy, but India is losing what it is synonymous with- its culture.
We are developing at real pace, a kid who once went to school in 'khaki' pant and blue shirt on his bicycle, today goes to his school in his new Beetel, listens to music on his apple ipod, and is online 24x7 on his 3rd generation cell phone even in classroom.

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Most of us are connected with people we never met, living all over India and even abroad on facebook,orkut etc but don't know our neighbours. Amazing! Isn't it?
We no more socialise with family,relatives, and neighbours as much we did a few decades back. The bonds that make a society are slowly dissolving. Kids, once simple and sweet are now smart and sophisticated. A guy talking to his father without Reason or Demand is a rare sight. We are now a part of a modern society that was designed in west. We are losing our mother tongues like Punjabi, Sindhi, Gujrati to a language that doesn't have a word for 'charansparsh'.
We see Sherwani, Salwar suit and sarees only at wedding parties.
Low waist jeans are in trend. GenX is pinpointed for its carelessness and lack of values but this makes me recall a small conversation

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A 12year old child asks his busy dad,"dad! How much money you earn each hour"
His unamused dad answers Rs.5000.
Next day his son asks for Rs.3000 adamantly, his dad disgusted by him slaps him hard. His son goes crying to his room. After sometime, father went to his son's room and fetched him Rs.3000. His son wipes his tears draws Rs.2000 from the drawer and puts Rs.5000 in his father's palm and says innocently "Dad! I wish for an hour to dine with you".

In this mad race of competition the slow, simple Indian life is diminishing, that circle of values and unity in diversity is fading somewhere and we're living a lifestyle which doesn't belong to us.

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