Wish to be loved...

Out of a tiring day,
Moving in to a peaceful night…
Peaceful or silent, I question,
May be I wasn’t right…

Challenged, tried and tested,
Fathomed, defeated and wasted…
To rise again,
To vie again..

Victories, I celebrate alone,
Victories, I mourn..
All I have is ‘me’,
And I am left to be..

My soul wonders,
How does it feel to be touched!
My heart imagines,
How does it feel to be loved!

How does it feel to find someone close,
To feel someone’s skin on one’s own…
To feel someone heart dancing along,
Resonating, and humming a melody unknown..

How does a warm moist breath,
Feel on someone’s neck..
How does a kiss quench,
Long forbidden quest…

Would eyes so shy,
Dare keep looking into hers..
Arms so empty,
Dare to move around her..

Will a vision so blurred of anxiety,
See someone’s love bare and beautiful..
Will a life so cursed,
Ever be a little cheerful..

How does a soul walking alone,
Feel to be called upon..
How does a heart so dead,
Feel on loved back…

I wrote this poem on Thanksgiving day. I would like to thank you for reading. Spread the spirit of thanksgiving, by sending this poem to your first kiss, your love, or the person you loved the most and who never loved you back....
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