If I breathe I’ll die

flame of lust

Your fingers interlace along mine,
Like two souls sacredly entwine..

Your eyes look into me,
And break the shores of the sea..

Your lips hold mine,
If I breathe I’ll die..

Your essence will turn my skin bright,
I don’t want to sleep tonight..

Love is lot more than what you expect it to be. It’s a new life that lies on the other side where no moment is passed but lived. Love gives you those sacred times when every trivial thing assumes significance. Fingers entwined you walk along the seashores carefree of the time. You turn towards each other and look deep into each others’oceanic eyes. Eyes that longed for you forever bound by shores of diffidence and fear of the universe, the sea waves hit the shores, break, collapse and the try again. Love comes and breaks those shackles as they never were. You forget everything your mind was always fighting with. You find no shame in letting that someone special into your territory. You kiss passionately and don’t ever feel like leaving lips. You've not breathed in a while, and your love says you can’t take a moment out. 

If you breathe, you might die....

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