Do you see yourself? | Poem

wine glasses on hotel table, lake pichola, udaipur, rajasthan
Lake Pichola, Udaipur, Rajasthan
Do you see this?
Not that!

This very dark night,
Lit only by stern candle light
Behind that low boundary
That table of pink ivory

Not that very dark night,
with mobiles flashing bright
7000 feet above the sea
That jagged rock bed, you and me

Do you see this?
Not that!

This clean spoon
About to croon
Besides spotless white bone China
Admiring the fork and knife of chrome steel
Dicing and picking one-third of salad green

Not that clean spoon
About to feign a swoon
at the samosa barely touching the paper plate
Getting assaulted by four, 3 seconds gore
Each burning tongue wanting more

Do you see this?
Not that!

This celebration of anniversary
Twirling white wine very attentively
Talking microphysics, politics, economics
And pharmacists, orthopedics, analgesics

Not that celebration of anniversary
Peering into eyes admiringly
Mixing proportionately Fanta and cokes 
Cracking racist, sexist, sadist jokes

Do you see
These people, here..
Us, someday?

I, along with a friend, was walking around Udaipur City Palace, encircling lake Pichola. It is an absolute sight to see the reflection of fine lights in the lake when it is a pitch dark night. You have a few exotic hotels situated on the banks and inside the lake as well. So I came across this picturesque moment, where four people were discussing something inaudible. The seriousness, the inattention to food, the fine cutlery, the wine glasses and the calm, were just so alien to me. So I paused. These are no aliens from a far off land on a voyage. These are just people like me, ahead of me in the cycle of life. That could be me, you, someday? What do you think?

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