A minute for our Country | Lokpal Bill, A Voice For Transparency- Against Corruption and Black Money

I love the way some people pledge to do it for their country. They inspire pride among one and all. They don't need your money or any fame. All they need is your support for what they are fighting for. Come forward, and spread the message.
I hope you must have received it by email or some other social media by now. Make sure you share it with as many people as you can, in person, in letter or social networking sites.

Dear All
Please join the movement and save our country.
We have full right to make our next generation happy and proud about our country .
Please read carefully.

features of Lokpal Bill

an all india movement against corruption

Anna Hazaare for the cause of his nation

For the cause of a nation's pride

baba ramdev in support of Lokpal bill

Bharat mata - Mother of the nation

black money in india

Earth Calling

mahatma gandhi's words of wisdom

 why inida needs high denomination currency

what will happen if all black money comes back to India

in the name of country india

 India tops Swiss bank charts

world's top economies
Total debt on india by world bank reports

 The time is now to stand for the nation

lokpal bill


nation wide movement

baba ramdev's mission

save the nation, save the world

Second dandi march 2011

The revolutionaries of 2011

time to change

Vande mataram

voice against corruption

We have borrowed it from our sons , not inherited it from our ancestors

Websites running for Lokpal bill and other social causes

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