Possessions of Wicked | Insecurity & Mediocrity Poem

My Cute Chuha

The dangerous and the ferocious,
The cold blooded and the vicious..
Are coming to towns and cities,
To snatch your antiquities..

Seeds to chew,
Left too few..
A drop of pure water,
Is all they are after..

Make your walls thick,
Of metal rods, and concrete..
And houses even big,
Of timber and sand brick..

They all are after..
A pinch of sand,
A drop of water,
A grain of food..

Living in your air conditioned rooms,
You’re homeless..
Travelling in your luxury cars,
You’re aimless..

Yes, you are crunched within,
When you look at your ugliness..
You are seared through,
When you look at someone’s riches..

But they live a life,
Devoid of costly furs,
Yet charismatic..
Without animal wall décor,
Yet chivalric..
Skin bare of tested cosmetic,
Yet attractive..

Keep your house of cards!
Let them
A swamp,
A mud hole,
A river bank..

In those shrinking green,
You don’t know how tough it has been..
You can give them a life,
Just by not taking it for sometime..

Can You ?

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