I refuse to love again | Casanova, Poem

Beautiful girls with Red Lips

The angel I had loved,
The dream I had cared..
The prayer I had said,
The wish I once had..

The loved has subsided,
And here we stay divided..
The dream has been crushed,
Under the wheel of time..

The prayer has been heard,
And rejected with disdain..
Here I beg for mercy,
Writhing in pain..

And the world says,
“It’s all over"..
I fail to accept,
I fail to reject..

I sit, and cry over my fate,
And I try to rise up but I fall..
And I feel I have cried enough,
But have I tried enough?

I doubt and I question,
My own self...
Before I point a finger,
I introspect...

Playing the same bets,
And expecting a different game..
Blaming my fate,
And playing insane..

The tables will turn,
So will the fortunes..
I travel to the wonderland again,
To write a twisted fairy tale in the rain..

The angel comes, observes,
And ignores my presence..
I progress closer, and ask her friend,
For the dance..

And we danced through the night,
And we held each other tight..
She smiles looking into my eyes,
And there’s someone with burning eyes..

I dance with all my freedom,
And cheer..
With no passion,
No fear..

I refuse to love again,
I refuse to love again..

Answer me if you can.
A Casanova loves all, or loves none ?

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