Football, T20 Tadka Maarke | Pepsi Football Grand Finale

Football and Cricket mated maybe, and it gave birth to one of the most amazing forms of game. A football game with some cricket rules, being played in a handball ground which was surmounted by a cage like an elimination chamber in WWE. Goodness! What to call it, foursome ? Anyway there are few positives that came out of this event, I finally started to click humans. After consistently disturbing privacy settings of plants and animals for over half a year, I have moved my camera towards the human specimens.

It was a pleasure to meet Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Virat Kohli , Suresh Raina and Murali Vijay. Must say about MS Dhoni, he is really a cool customer. No matter how much time it takes, how many people come and get clicked with him. he won't say a word, or behave being in a hurry. That's is something that is very inspiring about this gentleman.

Virat is just like another Delhi guy, full of life and has a great sense of humor. He enjoys himself on and off the field. He was joking around. He narrated one of his encounters with a fan. He said a guy grabbed hold of him and said, ' did you recognize me sir?'. To his amazement, Virat said, "Sorry I don't". the man replied back," Arre sir wo teen saal pehle aapke saath photo khichaai thi maine" (I got clicked with you three years back). I wonder what you make of it, he was also tossing footwear and acting like a salesman, "Sir ye wala try karo". I somehow controlled my laughter there.

Sakshi Dhoni is a very lovely lady. She's very friendly. She went to a couple of gentlemen standing together. greeted them and said,"Hi! I am Sakshi Dhoni". She talks very sweetly. She was with her couple of friends, so I didn't disturb her. I respected their privacy and didn't click any pictures then. Anyway, I am sharing few of the pictures I clicked there. You can open my facebook albums for more.

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