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Independence! This 12 letter word has varied implications to different lives. The state or quality of being independence means exemption from reliance on, or control by, others. Another definition may be direction of one's own affairs without interference. Well these are two very different statements. Both as important and vivid in their context. their study becomes even more intriguing if we have a look at the events that have happened recently. 

One very strong example that comes to one's mind is the slut walk. Slut walk isn't a local term, you read in your regional newspaper. It is a global phenomena that raises a question that has been asked throughout history, psychology, bureaucracy, and now in parliaments and streets. Are women safe? Many of you might give an abrupt Boolean answer in negative. Agree! But a bigger question has transpired. Who is to blame?

The most obvious answer that has been stated ever since is "Man and His Desperation". As depicted in the current scenario, it's only men responsible. Should I argue and try to prove it wrong. I think I don't need to. Ask yourself, and I guess you'll find yourself a better answer. But that isn't my topic of discussion. What I want to talk about is freedom, Independence.

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The word slut was sparked when  a Constable Michael Sanguinetti spoke on crime prevention at a York University safety forum. He said, "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized." For some it might mean that women should also take care that they don't provoke anyone. But for many it was infringement of their rights, a breach of right to freedom. Every women has a right to walk on the street the time she wants to, dressed way she wants to. But every right comes with an asterix. 

There must be something wrong on other side as well. You see million girls going to colleges scantily dressed, smoking cigarettes, having balls, drinking, going to pubs and bars. Doing everything she wants to. You know a girl won't drink on being provoked by a stranger. In fact no one would. But among her friends she does, some even have drugs. In most of the rape cases, she has been victimized by people she knows not by the stranger eyes ogling at her.

slut walk outskirting freedomHere security can hardly do anything. Police cannot monitor pubs and bars. If a Police official enters a pub and finds a girl doing anything, he can't stop her. rather he'll be charged on grounds of breach of privacy and right to freedom. Is a girl nowhere responsible? She drinks at age of 18, no big deal a guy also does. But guys don't often complain of sexual assaults, however there have been many instances of them too. If you want to feel secure you yourself need to be alert and vigilant. Don't give people chances.

delhi slut walk logoThat's only one half of the story. It is the duty of the whole society to protect woman against such heinous activities. They can't put her in a black box away from the prying eyes. What I feel lagging is the judiciary. If a culprit is caught, convicted and executed within a month of the crime. I don't think that any person within 50km radius would dare to to commit the same mistake again. We should spot the area of weakness before making marches that bring notoriety to one and everyone. Its purpose as specified by its demonstrators, is to draw mass attention towards lack of security for women. Well, everybody knows that. Their purpose should rather be to draw attention towards obsolete judiciary which is a cause of concern for the people who died in 9/11 in US, 7/7 in London, 26/11 in Mumbai and for all those who listen, read and talk about n number of crime reports. Had it spotted the loopholes in judiciary and tried to fill them, the end result might have been much more relevant to not only girls but to the society as a whole.

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But no matter how we read it. Slut Walk is certainly is an attempt by the so called weak women showing their strength to step out of their comfort zones and fight for their freedom. Many might not be comfortable with their way but certainly their idea cannot be termed gross. What I urge you to do is to respect each and every woman in and around your life. And if you see anything wrong happening around you, you can at least make a call to 911 if not attempt a bravery award.

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