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I completed 10000 hits on the site recently and also, it’s my birthday today (19 february, gifts are always welcome, even though you're late!) so it becomes imperative to connect to you all. And grab all good wishes! Also Cricket World Cup kicks off today and team India gifts me a massive victory
Enough of news reading! :P
Here comes the real post!

Satya Shri Shah Rukh Khan once said

" Hum jeete ek baar hain, marte ek baar hain , pyaar bhi sirf ek baar hota hai"
(We are born once, we die once, ... Love also happens just once )

I love the word 'love' and all the ladies reading this are advised not to take it on their hearts. Ya!! I begin with that dialogue from famous Bolly Flick Kuch Kuch hota hai, that he said to his mother talking about remarriage expressing his love for his dead wife Rani Mukherjee. SRK's charisma and that seductive voice, any girl would hold her breath for that one. I (though I am a guy) also held mine for a while and exclaimed Well said Paaji!! And as movie progressed SRK married Kajol.
Waah ji Waah!!

The fact is no one is perfect. And the word love has proved it quite a few times. Relationships at teenage have multiplied beyond the imagination of our ancestors ( I know you enjoy them ). And I don’t see anything evil here but the problem is they fall off the ladder as quick as they climb it. Studies show that the probability of a teenage love translating into marriage is remarkably low.

GvSparx- Heart On Sea Beach

What to do, when your so called life turns abyss?  What do you do when the only girl you love so dearly ditches you? Life doesn’t end, Life should not end! A lot of people come in your life- some stay as great buddies forever some just leave as lessons. Life is a grand school without rules, where you screw up yourself and learn yourself. Hard way! Love your life and people who make it lovable. Don’t regret what happened. They were there in your life because you needed them to make you the one you’re now. Don’t lament if it didn’t work out. Respect them for their time and value they added to your life. Love without limits. If you limit yourself every moment of your life thinking about what is going to happen tomorrow, you will actually end up screwing your today. Make it special for the woman you love today. The one you loved yesterday, might have moved on way before than you actually knew. It's not her fault maybe she had a better insight of what is going to happen. Don't blame anyone for your turmoil, some relationships aren't always meant to succeed. Accept that fact, and look for a better looking guy/gal. If you keep cribbing on your past, trust me you are going hurt your chances to get ahem ahem loved. It hurts not only you but also the people who love you.

Feel free, give a damn to what people say. You want to have a life, go grab it! There are millions and billions of eligible bachelors out there. Don't hold yourself back. You deserve your share of love and you can have it  on your effort only. Otherwise know that there are equal number of competitors out there too, you won't like to be messing things up. Being late is not an option. Go ahead!

I certainly don’t recommend “savere teena, shaami raveena, te raati meena” ( Morning Monica, Evening Eve). Be true to your love. Love is a beautiful emotion. Don’t make a mockery of it! When you’re in love even the simplest of things begin to look beautiful. You feel someone up close even when you’re alone. Love is crazy. It isn't something that not even the smartest minds could ever crack. That’s why it still belongs to the heart like an oasis in a desert of dull emotions. Value it if you have it!  Don’t ask for it, if you don’t! It’ll come to you someday as a surprise, just keep your doors open and arms wide J

Lastly a song to hum along!! 
I just can’t keep simple and sad!!  

Leave a comment if you can't understand the song, I'll explain you for sure.

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