“What’s your religion, Babu?” | Christianity/ Islam/ Hinduism/ Atheist/ Something beyond your vision

You must be really wondering from where I fumbled down to this word – Religion! I am as unprepared as you are. I ain’t gonna talk about the excerpts from the Holy Bible or the Holy Quraan, I guess that you know better than me . If you don’t I salute you because the article is all about you. Surprised! This is first time you’re being commended for not studying.. :D

Weird! I am blessed with that! We are Gen Y, YOUTH!

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 Let me define YOUTH
·        The ones who prefer to carry our girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s photo in our wallets over some Guru or Baba.
·        The ones who stay at pubs without any idea of AM-PM and would feel sleepy at some ceremonial celebration.
·        The ones who took their first sip at 14 or 15 but never got to taste bhang.
·        The ones who spend recklessly on Valentine’s or Friendship days, but think that spending money on rituals is a waste.
·        The ones who would prefer a visit to orphanage over any Temple, Mosque or Church because they are not that engaging.
·        The ones who would ask sun sign rather than caste on first meeting.
·        The ones who don’t understand Religion!
You must be thinking,”the moment I started to enjoy you hit me in the head”. Never mind, I’ll keep doing that [ :D ]. All those people with long flowing beards, years of experience of life, who have spent their lives safeguarding their ethics and religion, - so called Wise Men! Someone please ask those wise men who are still all set to contest 60-year-old Ram Janambhoomi-Babri Masjid title suit dispute, Do you really think that’s wise?
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Let me define Wise Men:
·        The ones who prefer to carry some Guru who teaches about peace and salvation in our wallets over their unloved wife/husband.
·        The ones who would perform age old customs of slaughter to please God, but won’t take a sip calling it forbidden.
·         The ones who don’t know their national anthem or national song but know their religious hymns by heart
·        The ones who would spend recklessly donating money to social parties and temples churches without a thought of where it goes, but would shoo away a begging kid.
·        The ones who would ask caste before the name on first meeting.
·        The ones who UNDERSTAND RELIGION!

This makes me recall a quote by Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States

 When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That's my religion. 
Religion is lot simpler than what orthodox people make of it. Someday, when you visit a holy place with a friend of a different religion just to get a feel of how do they worship their God , just out of curiosity! An old man might come up to you probably seeing you not quite understand things with a grudging tone,” what’s your religion?”.
My answer would be


I ain’t an atheist. I have a faith and my faith is wherever’s I am standing and whosoever’s I am with… A religion that you would need 19 more years to understand

You saw I got an appointment from Abraham Lincoln just for that one line answer for you. :D
So I have every right to ask you-
What’s your religion?
(Dare you give me that one word answer and you’ll see the consequence !)

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