Revolution | Uprising, Resurgence, A Voice, Poem

World is a beautiful place with ugly people who have tarnished it all the way through. Common man is bearing the brunt of the evil and fighting every moment for his survival. Silenced many a times, he’s about to rage a revolution!
Corruption and hypocrisy have crippled the society.
As India celebrates its 62nd republic day today, I warn the society to mend its ways before a revolution , an uprising occurs and changes the world map..!!



Every mask seemed a face,
They all lie without a trace..
Every word swears on eternity,
All crippled in cunning trickery..

Million transactions happen every moment,
Prices fluctuate every second..
Souls and bodies are all up for sale,
Bid Oh Monsieur! Don't just wait!!

My soul was savaged and crushed,
To thaw down into the venom chalice..
But my integrity is too strong,
To yield to deprave critics..

The world advices to keep hope,
Not to rattle in this maze..
The situation isn’t too worse to cope,
You can find out ways..

Even though it knows,
It is the only reason of its own defamation..
Trampling of its own name,
The reason of my faith’s annihilation..

Every morning I wake up with a smile of serenity,
Forgetting all the malevolence and depravity..
But my smile is too much pain for him to bear..
And he’s too wicked for me to fear..

I rise up from my ashes,
To write my own destiny..
If he doesn’t approve,
I’ll rage a mutiny..

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