Tipsy Mahela's candid interview after Delhi Daredevils' 6th Straight Defeat

Sanjay Manjrekar: Tough luck Mahela!

Mahela: Well Saanje! 11 players can't be on their bad luck for 6 matches. Our openers can't even open champagne bottles these days. My job in the team is to bat through 20 overs and put pressure on the bowlers to make runs for us. But unfortunately I got out early today, but Jeevan Mendis did the job equally well, a proper test match innings that snatched the game from the claws of victory. Honestly, I was really happy to see contribution of that tiny kid ..what's his name Satender?

Viru : It's Virender

Mahela : Debuted today?

Sanjay : He's Kedar Jadhav the wicket keeper

Mahela : Oh yes! To get a man named Jeevan out is difficult. I hope you got the pun.

Sanjay : But still a lot of positives to take from the game.

Mahela : Haha! You gotta be kidding me. That 10.5 feet bowler is conceding more runs per over than his height. Half of the GMR group employees' blood group has changed to B negative. Ranbir Kapoor's two movie contracts have been revoked due to that "Delhi jeet gai" he does. Satender is thinking to go back to injury. Ramesh Yadav's fiance is thinking he'll stay well for only four months, and then turn to sixes. I hope you got the pun.

Sanjay : Mahela wish you luck for the rest of the tournament.

Mahela: Wish luck to the oppositions that aren't gonna face us in the competition, they are gonna struggle on their net run rates. My butt aches if I sit in the dugout for a ball after powerplay. I hope you got the pun.

I think Delhi Daredevils should appoint GvSparx as their skipper. I can at least give a better speech at the presentation.

Image by upcric

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