The Color of her Lips | Poem

A few days back, I was auditioning for the Radio Jockey of my company's radio. I was absolutely unprepared just like any other competition of my life. But since blabbering has been one of my good areas, I didn't have much trouble until they paired me up with a girl to host a mock radio show giving "Valentine's Day" as the topic. The girl looked really confident, which is something I always appreciate. We started discussing random things about love - what does it take to get a partner, what does a girl look for in a guy, what does a guy look for in a girl, why is valentine's day celebrated. I answered all of them with patience until she asked "why is color red associated with love?". Not that I didn't answer this one. I am a goddamn engineer, we don't leave questions unanswered even if there's negative marking. Ya! The "mark all A's" concept. Okay time for the poem, story shall follow.
Shaped like a wave, moist like a petal
Shaped like a wave
Moist like a petal
Lucrative like no other
I love your lips
As we kiss
I bite
And you twist
I love your lips
As we breathe
I look
They are more warm, more pink...

The story continues, 

I asked, "do you know why red is the most common lip color, why world is such a big fan of red cheeks". "Who would use blue lip color (laughs)! But no, I don't know why only red", she replied. "Okay this is totally scientific, don't judge. All the make up and coloring up of face began with an idea of achieving the look of an aroused woman. When she is aroused, her cheeks get that little pink and her lips turn warm pink." She laughed and we moved on to more questions. We performed, it went fine and we didn't utter a word about red in the show. Finally when we were about to leave the studio, she said "I am never going to forget the story behind that red." Okay, then I turned red. 

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