3 that should definitely be free | 20 second poem

The things that you want are often priced higher than what you can pay. Yes, Canon 5D Mark III for me, Ferrari for you maybe. I always feel some (may be more, may be all) things should be free of charge. Won't it be great? Imagine telling a girl, "enter that jewelry shop, anything you pick in the next five minutes would be yours, for free". The girl whose shopping bags you carry, you won't believe, can pull off twice her weight. Not being sexist, push a guy in to decathlon or Play Station showroom, even a Hulk would sulk seeing the spectacular results.

Sunrise, behind the trees and hills in kodaikanal
Sunrise at Kodaikanal

Nothing to hold,
Nothing to let go..
If you see something,
Let me know..

May be I don't feel
May be I don't realize,
There is something,
Invisible to my eyes..

May be it is behind the mountains,
I didn't climb..
Or the battles,
I didn't fight..

But don't you deserve some things,
without competing, vying and lying..
Sleep, hugs and love,
the things that don't cost a dime..

I don't write many poems that relate to my actual life but this somehow does. I am far off where I belong. Some weeks back someone asked me what do you miss the most being here in Bangalore. Expecting a answer like "food" (quite close), I probably surprised her by saying "there's one thing I really miss a lot, hugs". I really miss my dad's warm, big embrace. I don't tell him that, because I think parents are always much more sentimental than their kids. I see girls freely cuddle each other but men, well they hug only when they get a wicket since 377 came into limelight. That being one. For the last few days I have been slogging my life in office and after reaching home, I don't know why when I hit the bed, I just can't sleep. Then I have to sing, "mujhe neend na aaye mujhe chain na aaye". I wish it eases out sooner than later. Lastly, love. Okay, some other day. Pack up!

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