I can read your mind | 10 Books You Truly Loved

You have to be living on Pluto if you haven't been tagged by innumerable people in posts where they tell their all time top 10 books, and ask you to state the same. Some intellectuals with overgrown right brains have named it the #BookBucketChallenge. Some scientists speculate that these might be super evolved humans who keep their books in buckets and can read the books just by overturning the book bucket onto their heads. 

Fitting reply to book bucket challenge

Although Zahi Hawass says, "these are the people who were bitten by mummies(slang zombies) who escaped King Tut's mansion. Then the world had only 9 books which were spread over inaccessible locations namely Marina Trench, Mt. Everest, North Pole, Antarctica, Mt. Fujiyama volcano, a blue whale's jejunum, under Hagrid's beard, fixed price stall behind 60% flat off at Zara, the statistics cupboard just behind playboy section in National Congress Library and under stacks of Indian money in Swiss banks. Whoever tried to overthrow the pharaoh was given the 10 books challenge. Since no one could ever find the 10th book, King Tut enjoyed his throne eating grapes off then Miss Universe Nirupa Roy. Hence, the infected 21st century people still believe it is Tutean task to name 10 books". "The challenge can now be completed by just Harry Potter and Toilet(sic)", he laughs. 
A recent study suggested that these are the same people who send candy crush requests. Dirty Mind tweets "#BookBucketChallenge is clearly a sadistic ploy by the bookaholics. They're mocking people with reading ability limited to 140 characters."
GvSparx writes on his Facebook page explaining the cause of this situation. One day, a geek was invited to a party where everyone was at least 4 bottle vodka down. He entered the bar and someone offered him a beer. He said "I don't drink". Someone asked "to kya piyega, dudu?". He replied, "ya, with two spoons bournvita". Everybody started laughing hysterically, mocking him, leaving a irreparable dent on his childhood. He's just giving this world the taste of its own dawa, pardon daaru.

Since I too live on planet Earth, I could not escape this mayhem. Hence, despite not being an avid reader, I have to brave through the challenge.

1. AB
 I owe my reading and writing prowess to the alphabet book titled ABC. I remember a dim-witted kid Steve Jobs who just got stuck at A for Apple.

2. Coloring Book
I know no one would give me credit but my coloring stupidity inspired Instagram filters.

3. NCERT Books
Ya! That's how I spoiled my childhood.

4. Champak
Jumbo and Chikoo bribed me to write this.

5. Cheatbook
Year 2005 or 2050, if someone asks me my greatest achievement, my answer would remain the same. I would put achieving 100% completion in Vice City well ahead of saying "hi" to my crush without fumbling.

6. Mathematics by RD Sharma
That was my first exposure to a book that weighed more than Sunny Deol's hand.

7. Physics HC Verma
I purchased fresh copy of Physics by HC Verma. It made me realize I didn't know shit after solving NCERT books. It really taught me how to be down to earth.

8. Facebook
Told me how, when, where everyone is dining, hiking, traveling, getting laid while I brushed my teeth in front of the Computer.

9. Dad's Chequebook
You don't need an explanation especially if you work for the same company as I do

10. Wo Waali Books
Ahem ahem..

The few books that missed the cut were Pradeep's series of physics and chemistry book and the Oxford Dictionary because it could not tell me the meaning of one word of her Facebook Bio "mah lyF mah RuLLzzz".

 Hope you enjoyed my list. If you too were bothered to pen down this book list, it is your eternal duty to tag the perpetrators down with this link.

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