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to                 Airtel <>
date             Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 12:37 PM
subject         Your Services

I have been using Airtel for past four years now. The only reason I chose airtel was because everyone in family had an airtel number. I never regretted my decision until earlier this year. So here I state few reasons due to which I feel like porting my airtel number.

1. Network problems

I have a unique mental problem. I don't feel like talking to myself, but your network doesn't help me. Out of the last 12 calls i received i said “hello” 67 times and heard a "hello" 67 times that too in my voice. Honestly in last 12 calls i received i only managed to hear the caller only twice. I recall that Saif Ali Khan ad "4 line ka joke 15 baar are you there? “ My friend was on my door, and he called me 6 times but finally had to give up, and send a sms "Baahar aa".

2. Full talk time

Well that might be a swear word in your airtel family. I have not seen a full talk time scheme for ages. Last one came around October, 2010 for Rs.666, Rs.777, Rs.888. The school I took admission in taught counting from 1, I wonder from which point your counting starts. We understand that in order to account for call drops one must have 12X the talk time he needs, but still show some concern for the less privileged.
Vodafone gives full talk time Rs. 125.

3. 1p/sec

All new airtel chips come along with good talk time amounts and 1p/sec. Why do all your existing customers have to get their airtels recharged with Rs. 28 every year? Porting to vodafone takes Rs.19 with lifetime validity. I could have made the obvious choice had my current talk time not been Rs. 190.

4. Balance Deductions

This has been the highlight of all. Your free services are never free. No matter how many ads one sees on your homepage regarding free facebook access Airtel(free)=>deduction. And then complaining for a deduction needs more money. 121 is a toll number. The toll free one 198 has not worked ever since sun and moon came into existence.

5. Internet Services

Apart from awesome unnecessary deduction, your internet charges are the highlight. Browsing on internet has been dropping in rates across all telecomm service providers, but you are AIRTEL. You increased browsing rates on Mobile office from 30p/50kb to 30p/20kb.

6. Do not Disturb

Well that’s the mantra I guess. I registered on Day 1 I got my SIM, I had a pleasant life for a year or two. But I don’t know what happened all of a sudden. I have been trying hard to get rid of those unsolicited messages; I never seem to get a way out. I weigh only 65 kgs and I don’t need a slim sauna belt. I am dependent on my dad for my pocket money; I can’t buy any 2 BHK flat in Noida. And ya, I am not suffering from erectile dysfunction either. Think of receiving such a message when you are doing some important work. Your complaint section at airtel website has got a unique feature. No matter which date you enter be it of yesterday on some previous century. It comes up with a reply saying the date you enter should be a past date. I guess even tenses at Airtel are different from what I have studied.

I don’t expect any action to this email, it might end up in your spam or junk folder. The only reason I am sending this mail to you is Airtel is an Indian company and I want it to exist if not progress. I will port to Vodafone shortly, so please tell me the procedure.

beautiful Customer Care Official
Customer Care

The complainant was contacted telephonically on June 10,2011 2:03pm.
The representative said with a grin “I read your email, can I help you sir? ”
Complainant: Can you?
Representative: Sir koshish karenge.(Will Try)
Complainant: Sir, are you sure? Did you read the complete email?
Representative: Ok sir, I am forwarding the porting procedure to your email.
Complainant: Thank you sir. Have a nice day!
how airtel got its new logo?

Disclaimer: The author doesn't support any telecomm firm, neither does he criticize any but takes the responsibility of the above stated facts.

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