18th Birthday


Several years you wait for one moment of your life.. THE DAY that should be destined to be all yours...
When you feel like the God of your world, your universe...
I am talking about THE EIGHTEENTH BIRTHDAY..
So many plans so many aspirations, the feeling is much more vivid than just being called an Adult.. You can legally drive a car or a bike, right to vote...and lot more petty and big things...

Is it all?
Not quite I I recall a dialogue from the movie Spider Man.. With great powers comes great responsibilities..
You have to lead your terms, yourself to your destination..

If you know how to lead ,its fun..
If you don't you have to learn..

That's what a Guru or Spiritual leader will say to you....

Gimme a break!!
For the moment, enjoy it to the maximum..

Its my 18th b'day..
And my day has been brutally slaughtered by my exams... I had one this morning..and to add to my overflowing miseries, there are a couple more tomorrow...
I didn't have my dinner last night...slept at 10.30 to face an exam with virtually no preparation... I give these a damn care.. What I am most annoyed at is no bash , no party , nothing..

The only piece of joy I got was from my friends...who just made my family isn't with me as of now due to a marriage of my cousin which I was very eager and excited for , but could not attend because of my exams..
My friends wished me luck, future and expressed their love and care so beautifully..that i am really touched.. They command so much respect, and love that is beyond words..
They are the only reason for my happiness.. I always was a lonely guy, and my old class mates know that pretty well... So, such warmth really pumps me up..not only for this B'day but for life... After few more years when we'll all part, I know when I'll flip those pages back , these moments will make me smile... I hope I too bring some smiles on your beautiful faces...
I love you all...

Thank you very much for being there...
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