My previous article for the Label:Causes was "Save Tiger" and here comes another one "Save Hockey". How ironical is it that both -our National Sport and National Animal are on verge of  "Extinction"... Do we actually care what the word "National" means here? Does this word sound pumping sometimes... If you ask for my opinion It would be more or less negative. I don't find people talking about "Nation" anymore, its value is always there though. But adding a mere tag to an animal or a sport doesn't really bother many. What matter is their essence..

I was amazed at the save our tiger initiative they said save our national animal...but none said save the charismatic beautiful creature.

Our national game Hockey is getting much better initiative , the attitude of board and players somehow diminish the efforts some day. But all in all the important part is that the game is being encouraged with large number of people extending their support . The cricket is a religion in this country but we've always been a secular state.

Dhyan Chand scored 101 goals at the Olympic games and 300 goals in other international matches and his record is unbroken.

One win here and there , a record or two will certainly boost  respect for the game. Immense pressure on the board and the players , for the world cup is being organised in the country and instead of celebrating the nation is busy with 'Save hockey' initiative. what we all need is to watch the game, give these guys who have slogged their youth for this game atleast this much respect and assurance that there are people cheering for their lads.

My request to all the visitors-"A mere forwarding of sms or a status on facebook are going to be of little significance if you don't cheer for being a part of the game itself ...

Never Say Save Hockey rather say Enjoy Hockey!!

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