Heart Break

With your blessings and wishes I am turning into Good Heart I never recieve good comments on stuff other than Heart Breaks... So, here I go to break my heart for you yet again...
Like a smart Encrypter knows how to break his encryption..
A programmer knows how to neutralise his own virus..
A spider knows how to save itself from its own web..
Let search a fevi kwik of this Heart Break..
Obviously there's
No doctor, no tailor, can stitch a broken heart... But an artist can..
We are creators and devastators of ourselves..
If you love someone so dearly that you can't dream of a moment without her...
And she gives it a damn..breaks your heart into pieces and moves on..
Ask yourself does she deserve YOUR LOVE ??
Rather than blaming yourself or her....think with a cool mind, YOU ARE NOT MADE FOR HER AND SHE'S NOT MADE FOR YOU...! !
Now the choice is yours...
1 . You can keep collecting those broken pieces of your heart...waiting for her...defeating yourself, your self respect, esteem, and ultimately your love as well....
2 . You can collect those broken pieces of your heart and start experimenting... gift each piece to each one of  nice girls around.. India itself has more than 40 crores of them..
"Apne wali bhi yahin kahin hogi"
If you keep looking at one single girl as your lone concentration at a tender age.. I suppose you are fooling yourself, and trust me you are missing out on a lot of fun in store for you...

Amidst games Love plays,
Sleepless nights, vacant days..
You find yourself in this maze,
Your demise is what you chase..

Give yourself little air and some space,
Life is yours live it with grace..
Let your Lady Love follow you,
Don't let this Love swallow you..

Give it a moment, little time,
Everything's gonna be fine..
Because this Love is very true,
And someone is also made for you..

My advice is not to haste,
These days are too good to waste..
The opportunities, your job,
Can’t be avoided in this sob..

Be the one to set the trend,
To live your life till the end..
Everything is at your feet,
Keep running till you bleed..

The day when you have a fall,
You will not need to call..
There'll be hand to pick you up,
And that day you’ll find your love..
She’s silent she’s very near,
Always praying for you dear..

Be someone before being  someone’s! ! !

The reason for me writing this piece __ I've seen few of my friends, crying.. Losing their parts of head and heart...Spoiling their lives... And when I saw a facebook status about a heart break earlier this morning... I was really touched about what we might be losing- A moment...or LIFE!
Waiting for your responses!

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