My Star | Death can't do us part

A lot of people have asked me this question. Does love diminish with distance? I answer "I think you have a slight confusion between love and gravitation". Proximity does matter. For some, distance makes them fonder. For others it makes them fonder of the ones nearby. We can't question the immortality of love. We have innumerable stories of people loving beyond the limits set by their lives.

I know you are away and far,
A beautiful shining star..
Even though we are miles apart,
But I know you smile at me..

I can see in this dark,
You always twinkle at me..
I watch you all night long,
Away from all the chores..

Never dying never diminishing,
This love is such a force..
But why do you leave me so soon ?
Why do you fade away with the moon ??

I don't know where you go,
Without you I feel so low..
That's why I hate the sun,
Because I want you to come..

That's why I hate it when it rains,
It doesn't soothe me, it just pains..
When those clouds come in our way,
I just want them to run away..

The waiting is so much pain,
Tell me hurting me what you gain..
But the moment you come I forget all,
In your love I just fall..

A glimpse of you is enjoyment of eternity..
In this noisy world, a moment of serenity..

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