TIGER soon as we hear this word...a picture of a wonderful, charismatic, strong, graceful creature comes to our mind.. They commanded respect, awe or fear from their human neighbors. . but now they look for CARE... The tiger is a powerful symbol of reverence among the variety of cultures that live across its range. Even in places where tigers have become extinct or never existed in the wild, they live in myth and legend

The wild poaching of this wild animal has threatened its very existence on the planet.
Today, tigers are poisoned, shot, trapped and snared,
 for what ...? --Skin, bone...
to make a beautiful purse, or an articulate...That brings good beauty, good luck.
We dare to call ourselves humans...!!!Can slaughtering some living being cheer any God brighten your luck?
I don't think so..
Imagine a fellow of you being slaughtered for his would never be able to buy such a purse again..

Today only 1411 are left in India, and just 3200 the world over. Can we imagine our nation without national animal . I can't. I certainly can't let it happen. It's something I can't ignore.
In the past century, the world has lost three of the nine tiger subspecies. The Bali, Caspian, and Javan tigers have all become extinct ... and many scientists believe the South China tiger is “functionally extinct”.

As top predators, they keep populations of wild ungulates in check, thereby maintaining the balance between prey herbivores and the vegetation upon which they feed. A whole myriad of other life-forms are essential to support a healthy tiger population.
So, if we lose them , we are not only going to lose a beautiful creature but also are going to disturb the entire food chain. And as they say, every species on this earth is transient. A little disturbance to the ecological balance might hasten our demise.It is better late than never. Join “SAVE THE TIGER” initiative.

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