Don't leave your trace | Broken Heart, Poem

Can you rollback the time you had loved to live and lived to love in ? A poem that depicts the sense of loss, and the resignation from life, not quite.

pale white flower
(at Garden of five senses) 

Wash the color off my life,
Tear the smile off my face..
Slice the gleam off my eye,
Don't leave your trace..

Walk back those million steps,
Unwind your fingers off mine..
Wipe your touch off my skin,
Suck back your moisture off my lips..

Swallow back those lovely words,
Take away your warmth bring back my cold..
Let me fall off the cliff,
Don't ever give me a hand to hold..

I would tumble down over the rocks,
Rolling back our turns on bed..
Meet me at the bottom, ensure I am dead,
Enough said!

Rip through my chest,
Grab, crush and pull my heart off..
Evicting you out of my heart,
Something I can't think of..

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