I'll never die, Alive - Poem

A lot of people die before death,
not many actually live

                          Life will always give you reasons to give it up, to embrace defeat and to live in disgust forever, but just one call from within can turn the tables...
"God! You made a tough track, thanks for making me tougher "


Title : The Title "Zinda" is a Hindi word which means "Alive"


Vision purblind,
Mist is all I see..
I have understood,
Tomorrow I won’t be..

In the book called life,
Every page holds a story..
Some you don’t wish to read,
Some insignia of glory..

A long time passed,
Years of experience amassed..
But still I lament,
I failed to earn a moment..

The carcass has succumbed,
The soul refuses to die..
I have a long way to go,
Like the sun, I have to rise..

I don’t know about the rest,
But from myself I expect..
I pull up my socks,
Ready to climb the rocks..

I wobble,
I fumble..
When the soul within tries,
This carcass is bound to rise..

I promise myself –

As long as it stays, I will live this life to its extreme,
And will welcome even death without a scream..
I was born alive,
I will die alive..

We've been blessed with this great opportunity called life, let’s grab it with both hands and let this world know
Here's a BORN WINNER . . . .

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