What do you want?

The title is as simple as you could imagine.
What do you want? ; A very simple question, with a very difficult answer.

If you are a girl asking this to a guy and he takes a gentle pause, "umm" and says something like "love"...
I quoted that example for no reason but to illustrate no one likes to lie, one is made to lie.

Most of your problems are because of your indecision. You don't segregate your 'I wants' and 'I don't wants'. Priorities are not that well set. Over time you try to be-fool yourself trying to meet peer expectations and society standards. But that never actually happens. You comply with others' evaluations, but your views stay rock solid. And you end up making wrong decisions that cost you dearly.

What do you want? funny pie chart

It isn't Pacman !

Once you realize what you want, the journey becomes much easier. Otherwise, without an aim, there lies no difference between a traveler and a vagabond. Moving with a clear cut objective gives you the ability to reject. Ability to realize those 'I don't wants' is crucial, even more than 'I wants'. Your life changes and so do your priorities and needs. Hence it becomes imperative to ask this question often and plan the course of actions to be taken to achieve your next immediate goal.
I asked people what they want. After some interactions you begin to realize there is a pattern that they follow. Their needs are subset of enough money- big money, peace- luxury, goodwill-stardom, friend- love, partner-sex, and freedom-no interference. Refraining from generalizing, but that is really the reality. If you have the ability to be truthful to self, you would have found your answers alternately. There were answers, you believe in followed by the ones you speak to the world.

Don’t let your wants be compromised. Don’t compromise others’ either. Living a life half yours is worse than dying. It’s good to die once. You life is all yours, allure people with your aura, not by your compromising self. Be truthful, to yourself and others. To give and live on a hope that isn’t meant is worse than having none.

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