What it takes to be happy ?

Time and again a question arises what it takes to be happy? Well the answers are not that implied. May be we ask more questions than observing the answers that the God loves to present to us.We don't fall in love as profoundly he does. He is the creator and the destroyer. He loves with passion and kills with utter disdain.

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What it takes to be happy?
He creates the most beautiful of species the world over each different from the other, unique in its own self. As the beauty he inspires begins to gets obsessed itself, it creates something more unbelievable. Hence reignites the fact in golden fire, that no one is supreme in this universe. More than his love and his betrayal, what's interesting is his ability to move on. He works hard astonishes one and everyone, rejoices his ability and relishes his creation for a while and suddenly moves on to another job with equal dedication.

A beautiful flower or an ugly iguana, how different they are and yet there's something that unites them. Their creation is different but their creator is same. That's his nature of loving one and everyone in its own way. The flower so beautiful in its look, cannot prevent bees from sucking its nectar and discoloring it as it is deep rooted for life. And the bee, not so beautiful, a buzzing sound, has got the freedom to wander around the world from one beautiful flower to another ultimately making sweet honey.

There's no injustice in this world. Whenever we feel ill meted we complain and argue, we just forget the times we got favored when we didn't really deserve. That's the way we humans are. Thankless! And here arises yet another question; do you remember the last time you rejected a silver coin coming under the table? We didn't ask questions then. So, there's nothing that can satisfy your greed for happiness. Happiness and peace travel different lanes, you stand on the crossroads. Choose your way!

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