One step low or One step high | Poem

Someone once said,
Everyone comes bare handed..
May be he didn't see,
Where the flight landed..

Some are born to adorn the crown,
Some are left on their own..
Some hang midway,
And are mutually disowned..

Gradually the contrast begins to vest,
Some become carbon copy of their dad..
Some set examples to be followed by the rest,
Some keep cussing things they never had..

gvsparx jaipur from nahargarh fort, horizon

The stars wait for the dark, to shine,
The sun conquers the sky..
Millions keep losing courage,
Others don't even try..

But some inscribe their names,
Where fate lost its sight..
History is created,
When a common man acknowledges his might..

In the maze of streets of an unknown village,
There's a dreamer unwilling to die..
When everyone blames the lord,
Brick by brick, he piles up high..

Doesn't matter where we begin
As far as we continue to try..
One step low, one step high,
We all are little kids under the endless sky..

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