I move on, I move ahead..

In this glitzy world, everything has been polished so hard that the originality of each entity has been lost. We get attracted to things that do not really exist. We value things that don't really matter. We care about things not about people. Strange! Isn't it? Even when you achieve great heights, if you don't have someone to celebrate it, it means nothing...!!
You'll realize it , only if it happens to you...
I pray it doesn't!

Shining Giant Wheel


To the limit my eyes can see,
There are dazzling lights, as vivid as they can be..
To the limit my ears can bear,
The streets is buzzing so loud and clear..

I dreamt and turned it to reality,
Beyond the crowd’s credibility..
Everyone out there dazed and envied,
I kept rising, never gave it a heed..

More than what I ever required,
I achieved all what I desired..
Everything I touched turned to gold,
A hand is what I fear to hold..

I have everything that can be demonstrated in a mart,
I have nothing that can be enclosed in my heart..
Everything belongs to me,
But no one belongs to me..

I have a heart to cry out,
A million scars to show..
But why my face frowns,
No one is interested to know..

A million stories were sold,
In my name that I never knew..
A trillion lies were told,
About what I never went through..

This mystic world, seems a golden cage,
Imprisonment for life feels so savage..
I have fallen in love with my solitude,
I leave behind my uncared destitute..
I move on,
I move ahead..
You wish to move away. Away from the daily grudges and atrocities of life, all money and lavish lifestyle seem a waste and you just wish to fade away. But every wish doesn't come true. We must face whatever we are subjected to.
Talent develops in tranquility, character in the full current of human life.

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 - 1832)

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